Summer has officially begun!


Here are a few tips to stay cool during the summer.


Drink plenty of water.  This will keep you cool and hydrated. 


 Wearing cotton during the summer is a huge help to staying cool.  Silk or polyester tends to make you sweat more this time of the year – save those materials for cooler days.

 To help stay cool indoors, it is best to keep the lights off as much as possible as heat can radiate off the light bulbs.  Electronics that are on and plugged in can radiate heat as well.  Make sure to keep blinds or curtains closed so the sun does not shine through.  When night time arrives, it is best to open the windows to let the cool night air inside.

 Avoid caffeine and alcohol as it will promote dehydration.  Avoid cooking hot food.  Stick to small meals and snacks containing fruits, veggies, or low fat dairy products.


Good luck staying cool and enjoy your summer!




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