Rental Policy

Off Campus Housing

All the apartments, with the exception of the 222 Beal Street and Magnolia Houses, have a $300 security deposit and $75 application fee. Once an actual apartment has been picked out, an earnest money fee of $575, along with your completed application(s), is required to hold an apartment. If your application is approved a lease agreement is signed within ten (10) days. When the lease is signed, $75 of the earnest money fee will be applied to the non-refundable application fee and $500 will be applied to the first rental payment. The balance of the first rental payment is due when the lease is signed. If your application is denied, the $575 earnest money fee will be returned. If your application is approved, but you change your mind, the $575 earnest money fee is relinquished and non-refundable. All approved applicants must sign a lease agreement with Prime Housing Group within ten (10) days of their application date or the entire earnest money fee is forfeited and the apartment is re-rented.  All apartments have a $300 security deposit. The security deposit for fall leases is due May 1st. The security deposit for spring leases is due March 1st.

Lease Dates

(All leases start and end at Noon)

9 Payment Lease Dates:  August 25, 2021 – May 7, 2022

12 Payment Lease Dates:  May 15, 2021 – May 7, 2022 or August 25, 2021 – August 13, 2022

Traditional Housing

To reserve an apartment, applicants may submit a completed application, the application fee, copies of applicant’s two most recent pay stubs to verify income, and earnest money equal to one rental payment. Applicants should bring two certified checks – $75 and the amount equal to the first rental payment. An application should be submitted by each occupant. The application fee and earnest money is per apartment, not per person. Applicants are processed by RealChek America. For any questions regarding the application scoring process, please contact RealChek at 1–800-955-CHEK (2435). If the application(s) are approved then a lease agreement is signed. Upon signing the lease, $75 will be applied as rent credit off the first full rental payment and the earnest money will be applied to the first rental payment. If the application(s) are denied then $75 will be applied as a non-refundable application fee and the earnest money will be returned. If the application(s) are approved, but the applicant(s) decide not to rent the apartment, then the earnest money is relinquished and non-refundable. Applicants should call the Prime Housing Group office at 517-337-1133 after 3-5 business days regarding the status of application.

•  1 Year Lease

•  Security Deposit: $200

•  Application Fee: $75 (becomes rent credit off first full rental payment if applicant is approved and signs a lease agreement).

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